Port Waikato erosion

Port Waikato erosion - November 2019

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Sunset Beach Car Park Update – 7 November 2019

We won’t be spending any money on the Sunset Beach car park at this stage beyond putting up a few more sturdy signs. We are keen to try and keep the one-way system going so as to reduce congestion within the car park itself. But we are scheduled to remove the concrete pad and empty septic tank that was connected to the hall soon. If, or when, the car park fence needs to be moved further inland it is our intention to close the car park to vehicle use.

It is also our intention to peel back the first metre or two or tarmac from the edge of the bank to reduce risk of tarmac falling down the bank.

A few residents have expressed their concern about the size/visibility of signage at the top of the beach accessway. We will be increasing the size of signage, at least double the size, warning the public of the danger of being close to the bottom of the bank below the car park. This is scheduled to go up by the end of next week.

There has also been concern raised about loose cables hanging from the bank below the car park. We cannot cut those cables but they will be rolled and cable-tied as soon as possible.

We acknowledge that the orange safety barriers are still at the car park despite the fence being moved. They will be picked up and we stopped paying for their hireage at the time the fence was moved.

Despite improvements made to the beach access by the car park the sea has had a real go at the bottom of it. We’ll be monitoring that.

The toilets by the car park are being fixed. There was a spillage last week and contractors were up as fast as possible to assess the problem. They are closed while repair is being carried out and they should open again by the end of next week. Thanks to the community for letting us know about this issue.

Discussions with the property owners of 7 and 9 Ocean View Rd are continuing. They’ll be meeting with our consenting teams soon to talk relocation or demolition and some visible work will be seen soon.

Waikato Regional Council staff are keen to work alongside us in future discussions with the community. We’re working out which central government entities are best placed to be involved, and to what extent.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions please email our Community Resillience Team at IMT@waidc.govt.nz 

R1 Port Waikato carpark

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