Te Kauwhata Land Limited

Application for Resource Consent by Te Kauwhata Land Limited

Hearing of Application

The hearing of the application by Te Kauwhata Land Limited will now be held at Waikato District Council, 15 Galileo Street, Ngaruawahia on Wednesday 21st February 2018 commencing at 9:00am and continuing on Thursday 22nd February 2018 as and if required.

Applicant Evidence

Ian McAlley - Te Kauwhata Land Limited

Michael Graham

David Mansergh - Landscape

Alasdair Gray - Traffic

Chris Dawson - Planner

Draft Conditions - Applicant

S42A Report with Appendices

S42A Report (Planner's Report)

Appendix A - District Plan Assessment

Appendix B - Land Development Engineering Technical Report

Appendix C - Landscape and Visual Amenity Technical Reports

Appendix D - Urban Design and Amenity Technical Reports

Appendix E - Traffic Impact Assessment Technical Report

Appendix F - Notification Decision

Appendix G - Copy of Submissions

Appendix H - Silverspur Planners Report (S95 and S104)

Appendix I - Consent Order (ENV-2010-AKL-000024) and evidence presented as part of the Te Kauwhata Zoning Plan Change (Updated 4 December 2017 - Evidence and Report by David Mansergh included)

Appendix J - District Plan Objectives and Policies Assessment

Appendix K - Draft Conditions

Submissions closed 30 October 2017


Council has received and publicly notified in the Waikato Times on Saturday 30th September 2017, the North Waikato News on Wednesday 4 October 2017 and Te Kauwhata Chatter on Wednesday 11thOctober 2017 an application by Te Kauwhata Land Limited for resource consent to undertake a seven-staged subdivision to create 163 residential lots, ninelots to vest as road, 16 access lots, two lots for local purpose reserves for drainage and one lot for recreation reserve with concurrent land use consent to undertake earthworks and construct four show homes.

Please note: The address for service for the applicant is:

Te Kauwhata Land Limited

C/- Chris Dawson

Bloxam Burnett & Olliver

PO Box 9041

Waikato Mail Centre

Hamilton 3240

If you have any questions about this application please contact

Summer Salmon
Phone: (07)824-8633



The documentation included and attached below are:


Submission Form

Public Notice

Summary of Application


Application Form

Application Summary - Te Kauwhata Land Limited

Appendix 1          Certificate of Title

Appendix 2          Site Locality Plan

Appendix 3          Consented Environmental Effects - SUB0163/14

Appendix 4          Operative Waikato District Plan Rules and Assessment

Appendix 5          Additional Environmental Site Assessment

Appendix 6          Environmental Site Assessment prepared for SUB0163/14

Appendix 7          Remediation Action Plan

Appendix 8          Combined Stormwater, Wastewater and Geotechnical Site Assessment

Appendix 9          Subdivision Scheme and Civil Engineering Design Plans

Appendix 10        Landscape and Visual Assessment Report

Appendix 11        Wayside Road Subdivision Development Traffic Assessment

Appendix 12        Adjacent Parties Locality Plan

Appendix 13        Lot Specific Design Plans

Appendix 14        Waikato District Council Combined Notification and Decision Report – SUB0163/14

Appendix 15        Draft Conditions of Consent

Appendix 16        Service Providers

Volume 1             Amended Assessment Environmental Effects

Amended Waikato District Plan Rule Assessment

Section 92 – Further information as Requested

Te Kauwhata Lands Ltd Change to subdivision

  • Letter re Te Kauwhata Lands Limited Subdivision
  • Application Scheme
  • New Non-Complying Analysis Plans

Additional Information

Te Kauwhata Lands Amended Scheme Plans

  • TK Wayside Road Subdivision C27
  • TK Wayside Road Subdivision C27
  • TK Wayside Road Subdivision C28
  • TK Wayside Road Subdivision C29
  • TK Wayside Road Subdivision C30
  • 163 Lot Subdivision Plan