Proposed Private Plan Change 21 Graham Block Development Pokeno


Proposed Private Plan Change 21 to the Waikato District Plan (Franklin Section)

Graham Block Development (Pokeno)

The plan change proposes to:

  • Re-zone an area of 26ha from Rural to Residential 2 Zone. This is anticipated to accommodate the development of 100 stand-alone residential dwellings;
  • Remove the Large Lot Overlay which currently applies to the northern extent of the plan change area, thereby enabling a denser, more efficient development of the land resource. This is anticipated to enable the development of an additional 50 stand-alone residential dwellings within an area which is currently zoned for residential development;
  • Apply the Large Lot Overlay to the southern extent of the plan change area;
  • Incorporate the plan change area into the existing Pokeno Structure Plan Area.


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