One-Way Cliff Street Proposal

The changing of Cliff Street into a one-way street was suggested by the Raglan Community Board (RCB). Following a recommendation from the RCB Council is seeking feedback from the residents of Cliff, Puriri, James and Wallis streets on the proposal to change Cliff Street to a one-way street.

Altering Cliff Street to one-way will reduce congestion, improve safety and allow for the potential to improve parking and pedestrian facilities. The following issues have been noted as reasons for the proposal.

  • Cliff Street becomes busy with visitors during summer months.
  • It is very narrow and difficult for vehicles to pass one another.
  • A lot of pedestrians use this area creating issues for their safety with vehicles passing one another on grass verges used by pedestrians.
  • Issues with parking on both sides of the road causing congestion, access and safety issues
  • Frustration from residents as they not able to access properties due to vehicles parking on road.

Consultation closed Friday, 15 November 2019.