Ngaruawahia rail bridge public safety

Following the fatal accident on the Ngaruawahia rail bridge, Waikato District Council helped to facilitate a community gathering at the Ngaruawahia Memorial Hall on Tuesday 1 May.

About 100 people attendedto share ideas about ways to enhance public safety around the Ngaaruawaahia rail bridge.

After reviewing the feedback from the community, a number of common themes have been identified:

  • Memorials for Moareen and Jayden
  • Security/patrol of the rail bridge
  • Train speed
  • A walking path on/by the existing rail bridge
  • Alternative platforms for jumping
  • On-site work including ideas around fencing, planting and signage
  • How we use our existing town pools
  • Activities on the water at the Point
  • Awareness and education programmes

To take these ideas/themes forward as a Community Board, we have framed four objectives we hope can provide the scope to achieve public safety around, and away from, the Ngaaruawaahia rail bridge. These are:

  1. Enable safe bombing and water activities for the community
    • Themes it will cover: Alternative platforms for jumping, awareness and education programmes, activities on the water at the Point
  2. Provide appropriate opportunities for safe swimming in Ngaaruawaahia
    • Themes it will cover: How we use our existing town pools, activities on the water at the Point, awareness and education programmes
  3. Ensure community safety around the rail bridge
    • Themes it will cover: Security/patrol of the bridge, walking path on/by the existing rail bridge, train speed, removing fencing, and installing signage
  4. Include the community in community safety initiatives
    • Themes it will cover: Memorials, installing signage, planting, security/patrol of rail bridge, awareness and education programmes

These four objectives have been shared with the Waikato District Mayor and local Councillors, KiwiRail representatives, NZ Police and other local community leaders who have come together to be part of a working group with Community Board representatives to help tackle this issue with the community’s help.

We will continue to keep you informed as we develop a programme to help fulfil these objectives. Please complete the form below if you would like to receive updates via email about this.


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