Future of Newell Rd intersection

On May 21 Waikato District Council and NZ Transport Agency held an open day at the Tamahere Community Centre to talk to the community about options for the Newell Rd/Cambridge Rd intersection.

The layout of the intersection was reviewed due to work on the Hamilton Section of the Waikato Expressway.

For the safety of vehicle drivers, pedestrians and cyclists the Newell Rd/Cambridge Rd intersection cannot operate as it does currently.

During the consultation period 129 submissions were received – 58 were in favour of option 1 and 71 in favour of option 2.

At their meeting on 9 July, Council resolved to close Newell Road.

The options put forward to the community were:

Option 1 – Left turn in to Newell Rd and left turn out of Newell Rd only.

Option 2 – Close the Newell Rd intersection with Cambridge Rd.

Maps explaining the pros and cons of each option can be found below.