Current consultations

There are many opportunities for you to participate in Councils decision-making process throughout the year.

You can have your say on proposed plans and policies, resource consents and changes to services.

Current consultations are listed below.

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  • Reserve Management Plans - Woodlands, Wainui, Papahua and Manu Bay

    Waikato District Council is intending to review the Reserve Management Plan for Woodlands Homestead and Gardens, as well as the Reserve Management Plans for Wainui and Manu Bay reserves in Raglan. Council also intends to prepare a Reserve Management Plan for the Raglan Domain/Kopua/Papahua Reserve.

  • Matangi Hall targeted rate

    Council has received a request from the Matangi Hall Committee to increase the current Matangi Hall targeted rate from $24.00 to $30.00 for the 2019/20 year onwards.

  • 2018 Speed Limits Bylaw Review

    We are now in the second year of our three-year programme to address speed limits through the 2018 Amendments to the Waikato District Council Speed Limits Bylaw 2011.

  • Representation Review

    Waikato District Council has made its final proposal on our Representation Review and now invites appeals or objections.

  • Proposed Community Hub in Port Waikato

    You may be aware that the current Port Waikato Hall is under threat from erosion. At some point in the future it will not be safe for the public to use the hall.