Plan Change 16 - Tuakau Structure Plan - Withdrawn

Plan Change 16 (PC16) has been withdrawn and its intent will be included in the proposed new Waikato District Plan due to be notified early in 2018.

On 11 September 2017 Council resolved to withdraw proposed PC 16 on the basis that the proposed new Waikato District Plan would address the growth of Tuakau and provide significantly more flexible options for residential development, effectively addressing the many submissions on PC 16 seeking greater flexibility.

Other reasons for the withdrawal are the number of legislative and policy changes that have occurred since PC 16 was notified in July 2016. These include the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity, the Resource Legislation Amendment Act 2017, and the North Waikato Business Case on sub-regional development, all of which have a bearing on PC 16.

The latest decision follows a Council decision on 12 December 2016 to withdraw the industrial component of PC16 on the grounds that it was more appropriate to address new provisions for industry in Tuakau through the comprehensive district plan review currently underway.

PC 16 was publicly notified in July 2016 to address residential and industrial zonings in Tuakau.  It was designed to give effect to Stage One, only, of the Tuakau Structure Plan that was adopted in 2014 to provide a 30-year planning framework to manage Tuakau’s future growth.  All stages of the Tuakau Structure Plan (Stages One to Three) will be included in the proposed new District Plan.


Date of notification: 16 July 2016.  

Primary submissions:  closed 31 August 2016. 

Further submissions:  closed 18 November 2016

Council resolution to withdraw industrial component: 12 December 2016

Council resolution to withdraw PC16: 11 September 2017

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