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Overlay Requests map

In addition to the rezoning requests, below is the submissions map tool showing requests to the following map overlays:

  • Significant Natural Areas (SNAs)
  • Landscape Areas including: Significant Amenity Landscapes (SALs), Outstanding Natural Features (ONFs), Outstanding Natural Landscapes (ONLs) and Natural Character areas
  • Hamilton Ecological Basin
  • Maaori Sites and Areas of Significance
  • Heritage Items
  • Notable Trees
  • Indicative Roads
  • Walkways, cycleways, bridleways
  • Designations
  • Airport overlays
  • Noise Control boundaries
  • New overlays

This map tool will enable you to search or click on a particular property and find the submission point which relates to that property.

Please note the map tool does not identify where overlays are requested to be deleted in their entirety across the District.

To find the legend (key) that explains the different features on the map click the icon in the bottom right hand corner. 

To find more information please view the full version of the map tool

The Next Step

Click on the button below to get more details about the submission you're interested in before you decide whether to make a further submission

Summary of Submissions