Tamahere Community Committee

Due to the local authority elections, the Council’s governance structure (including the schedule for future meetings) will be determined during November 2019. The date/time of inaugural meetings of Council and the Community Boards can be found on our Events page.  Please contact the Democracy Team if you have any queries.

The Tamahere Community Committee’s role is to discuss and assist with issues concerning the local community.

The Committee meets on the first Monday of each month, except for dates that fall on a public holiday, with meetings scheduled to start at 7.30pm.

All members of the public are invited to attend.

Chair: Dallas Fisher

Deputy Chair: Sue Robertson

Secretary: Alison Ewing

For more information contact the Marketing and Communications Manager Jacob Quinn or the Democracy Team on any matters relating to the Tamahere Community Committee agenda.

Dallas Fisher (Chairperson)
Phone: 021 331 763
Email: d.fisher@nda.co.nz

Sue Robertson (Deputy Chairperson)
Phone: 07 856 4777
Email:  sue@parklea.co.nz

Bevin Coley
Phone: 07 856 5551
Email: br.cj.coley@gmail.com

Rowena Edge (Co-secretary)
Phone: 07 859 2076
Email: ro@kpja.com

Charles Fletcher
Phone: 07 856 8127
Mobile: 021 964 000
Email: charlesnz@me.com

Shelley Howse
Phone: 858 2087
Mobile: 021 110 8920
Email: shelley.howse@gmail.com

Leo Koppens
Phone: 07 856 3245
Mobile 021 955875
Email: leok@xtra.co.nz

Jane Manson (St Stephen's representative)
Phone: 07 858 2425
Mobile: 027 562 6766
Email: manson.m.jane@gmail.com

Graham McAdam
Mobile: 021 268 4301 
Email: smag.mac@vodafone.co.nz

Connie Short

Mobile: 027 451 0655
Email: connie_short@hotmail.com

Tim van de Molen
Phone: 07 829 5151
Mobile: 021 150 7350
Email: timvandemolen@gmail.com

James Yearsley   
Email: jamesyearsley@me.com

Joy Wright  
Email: joyandpwright@actrix.co.nz

Gina Woodfield
Email: gmwoodfield@gmail.com.

Cr Aksel Bech
Phone: 07 859 0417
Mobile 021 884 828
Email: aksel.bech@waidc.govt.nz

For information on the Tamahere Community Committee, meeting dates and updates on what's happening in Tamahere visit the Tamahere Forum

To find out more information please contact the  Democracy Team on any matters relating to the Tamahere Community Committee.

Agendas and minutes