North East Waikato Community Committee

The North East Waikato Community Committee’s role is to discuss and assist with issues concerning the local community.

The Committee meets on the third Monday of each month with meetings scheduled to start at 7.00pm.

All members of the public are invited to attend.

Christine West (Secretary)

Bryce Shuker (Chair)
Phone: 027 494 2586

Steve Pogson (Mangatangi Fire Brigade)
Phone: 09 232 7872

Dot Chipman
Phone: 09 232 7857

Neil Fitzgerald
Phone: 09 232 7709

Alison Green
Phone: 09 232 7728

Daniel Hair
Phone: 09 233 6352

Kath Banks (Mangatangi Hall Secretary)
Phone: 09 232 7888

Agendas and minutes

There are currently no meetings with agendas or minutes.