Property requests, LIMS and contaminated land

In this section
  • Records of title (Certificates of title)

    A Record of title (formerly known as a Certificate of Title) shows a property's consent notices, covenants, easements or encumbrances. You'll need one to go with any LIM report or resource consent application.

  • Property information requests

    Find out about how to get information from the Waikato District Council's property or consent records and public access to online and offline files.

  • Land Information Memorandum (LIM) reports

    Find out why you might need a LIM report and how to get one. LIMs are compiled from information and details held on the Council's file and database on a particular piece of land.

  • Contaminated land

    Past industrial, domestic, agricultural and horticultural activities have left a legacy of contaminated sites in our District. It is important to know where contaminated land is located so people are not exposed to contaminants that may affect human health.

More information

Project Information Memorandum (PIM) report 

A Project Information Memorandum (PIM) report helps to identify the feasibility of a specific project on a piece of land under the requirements of the building consent and Building Act 2004 and any other necessary authorisations being obtained, such as a resource consent and the Resource Management Act 1991.

It's not compulsory to get one, but it's a really good idea to do so in the early stages of your building project as a separate process to your building consent, to make sure you don't end up spending extra time and money on re-design further down the track.

Find out more about Project Information reports.

Waikato Building Consent Group website

Once you have read our information on building consents, guidance and inspections, you can use the Waikato Building Consents Group website to get more detail on the building consent process and what you need to do. 

Our Council is one of seven councils linked to the group website, which has been designed to bring consistency to the building consents process. It can by used by anyone who is working in the local building industry or is involved in a building project, large or small. The group website provides extensive information on the building consent process, building consent requirements and other information.

Land Information NZ (LINZ) website

Land information NZ (LINZ) has all you need to know about property location, features, boundaries, ownership – and your rights as a property owner. Some of it is the kind of information you need when buying, selling or developing land, like survey or property boundaries, certificates of title (showing who owns a property) and other land records. It also has specific information for surveyors and lawyers.

Other information, like maps and place names, can be useful also for family tree or historical research. The website also has information on surveying, land registration, land records* and it provides the LINZ Data Service.

*(except for Maaori land records. These are available from Maaori Land Online).