Apply for resource consent

COVID-19 UPDATE: It is best practice for site visits to occur for all resource consent applications. However, in the context of COVID-19 at Alert Level 3 we need to do things differently and we ask for your support.

We will be asking applicants (through agent consultancies and surveying firms) to increase the quantity and quality of illustrative information in applications when lodged (e.g. more photos, videos or drone footage if possible). Depending on the quantity and quality of the information lodged, the planner will then consider this information and discuss with a Team Leader whether a site visit is necessary.

There will be two people nominated to be the primary resources for undertaking of site visits for the Consents Planners, while a dedicated Land Development Engineer will also undertake site investigations for those applications that require a site visit. These people will take responsibility for familiarising themselves with the case, holding application briefings with the reporting Planner and Land Development Engineer assigned to the application. 

If a site visit is deemed necessary, staff will follow existing site visit protocols plus additional COVID-19 measures as reflected in Council's COVID-19 Staying Safe While Undertaking Necessary Field Work guidelines. 

The Site Visit planners will need to abide by a strict set of criteria before and during the site visit. This criteria includes first contacting the applicant/agent to arrange a site visit (day and time), a plan must also be in discussed as regards to who may be on site (i.e. the owner or agent), and social distancing measures must be adhered to (and a record kept of the meeting – including the day/time and those people on site). However our preference is that the Planner, where possible, undertakes site visits unaccompanied (e.g. contactless). 


We can process your application faster if you submit a good quality application. Read how to prepare a resource consent.


Complete and send in your application along with the supporting documents (including supplementary pack for land-use or subdivision and if applicable, a completed affected persons written approval form) via:


Post: Waikato District Council
Private Bag 544

In person at any of our Council offices.


We recover costs for processing applications for resource consents based on the specified hourly rate of the planners and specialists involved.

Lodgement Fee amounts you will need to pay

You must include the relevant lodgement fee with your resource consent application, to cover initial application processing costs.

If the actual cost is less than the lodgement amount, we will refund the difference.

If the actual cost exceeds the lodgement amount, which happens in most cases, we will invoice you for the additional costs.

Tip: Submit all the required information with your consent application to avoid further information requests that will increase the processing costs.

Note: a monitoring fee is added to all resource consents.

What happens next?

We will contact you to confirm that your application has been received.

It may take up to 20 working days to process your application and we will contact you if more information is required. If we do require more information, it will take more than 20 working days to complete.

Note: An invoice for the total processing costs of your consent will be sent after you receive your consent decision. However if your project complex or is processed over a prolonged period of time, we may send out monthly invoices during the processing of your application.